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Avionams is one of the largest aircraft overhaul and maintenance plants in Europe. At present the plant has concentrated its efforts on the repair of helicopter equipment and offers a full range of services in the repair and modernization of Mi-8, Mi-17 helicopters and their modifications for military and civil use, as well as of the Mi-24 type helicopters.

We strive to offer our customers the most adequate and comprehensive solutions, with a guaranteed high level of performance, tailored to their requirements and customer preferences, as well as to the requirements of the manufacturer of the product.

Over the years, we have managed to gain considerable international recognition, mainly due to the combination of high standards and demands on the quality and reliability of the work carried out in the factory, competitive prices and, last but not least, exceptional professionalism. This, in turn, has helped our employees to gain even more solid experience and to grow professionally. The success of the plant is built on a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals, striving with every action to contribute to the development and promotion of the company.

The services we offer are organized in three main areas, spread over an area of 327,000 sqm, of which 53,000 sqm are indoor areas. The main part of the plant is located at Graf Ignatievo Air Base, near the city of Plovdiv. The base has been certified to NATO standards since 2004, when our country joined the alliance. The plant has access to another runway, located at Plovdiv Airport, in close proximity to another of our units.

Our unique geographical location, in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, combined with excellent road, rail and airport infrastructure, places us strategically closer to our current and potential new markets than any of our competitors.

Today, more than eight decades after its founding, Avionams AD remains a loyal and preferred partner in the aviation industry.

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„Avionams“ JSC, 2 “Tsar Simeon” str., 4023 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
phone: +359 32 62 89 84, факс: +359 32 63 21 75
e-mail: office.pld@avionams.com
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