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  Driven by the desire to promote AVIONAMS JSC as a leading company for overhaul and maintenance of aircraft, engines and equipment and production of spare parts, we have built and implemented an integrated quality management system according to the requirements of a number of international standards: ISO 9001:2015; AQAP 2110 Edition D, Version 1, AP 145, Ordinance 145 of DG CAA.

  The company`s management declares its commitment to achieving maximum customer satisfaction while meeting all legal and regulatory requirements concerning its business and aims at providing its customers with products and services that exceed their expectations and requirements.

  Principles set out in AVIONAMS` policy:

· Customer satisfaction, professional approach to customer requirements and customer feedback analysis are priorities to everyone in the company;

· Continuous effort to improve the quality and reliability of products and services provided by the company;

· Continuous training and improvement of skills and competencies of personnel. Clear allocation of responsibilities to levels and functions and building up a team with uncompromising attitude towards quality;

· Mutually beneficial and correct relations with stakeholders;

· Managers at all levels are united by one goal and create conditions for achieving the quality objectives and the inclusion of personnel. They encourage their employees to continually improve the QMS with their personal example and leadership qualities and take the responsibility of the QMS effectiveness;

· Using opportunities to mitigate the risks arising from the implementation of contracts is the basis for achieving better results.

  The management of AVIONAMS JSC guarantees that

it has the resources needed for the maintenance and the effective functioning of the QMS in compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents;

the employees are informed about the company`s quality policy used, the goals set and the importance of their contribution to its success and development.


„Avionams“ JSC, 2 “Tsar Simeon” str., 4023 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
phone: +359 32 62 89 84, факс: +359 32 63 21 75
e-mail: office.pld@avionams.com
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