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Digital model of a Mi-8/17 helicopter

Precision 3D CAD assembled digital model – a duplicate of the Mi-8/17 helicopter airframe, built on the basis of up-to-date technical documentation. The digital model provides the information needed by the Company to perform various tasks for the mechanical repair and overhaul of the helicopter airframe, including:

  • Stress simulation and structural analysis for assessment of strain, deformation, in-house frequencies, deflection, at a defined temperature and factor of safety of the individual component, assembly and the whole assembled digital counterpart;
  • Generating complete documentation of the strength analysis results, incl. computational records as a basis for reliable technology development and quality production of MI-8/17 helicopter spare parts and components;
  • Generating optimal machine technologies for manufacturing parts, spare parts and components in CNC- machine production ;
  • Generating optimal technological documents for the needs of the Company;
  • Generating specifications of machines, materials, work blanks, tools and working hours for drawing up plans, calculations and production schedules.



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