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Mil Mi-8/17 Helicopters

Today, the enterprise is capable of performing the following activities for the overhaul of Mil Helicopter types Mi-8 and Mi-17:

  • Complete airframe overhaul and modernization of Helicopters designed both for civil and military purposes
  • Conversion of military helicopters to cargo and passenger versions
  • Repair of aircraft engines and reduction gearboxes
  • Repair of onboard power units and equipment
  • Complete bodywork, anti-corrosion treatment and painting
  • Refurbishment of helicopter interior
  • Extension of helicopter TBO* and service life
  • Test trials of aircraft engines, helicopter reduction gearboxes and power units
  • Warranty and post-warranty technical maintenance support and inspections

The overhaul and  modernization activities are fully coordinated with “Russian Helicopters” and “MIL MHP” Russia, in which the designer certifies the reliability and airworthiness of each aircraft. During the process, all Designer’s intellectual property rights are respected.

A representative of AR MAK /Aviation register of the Interstate Aviation Committee/ - Russia is permanently situated at the plant, performing supervision and additional quality assurance.

  * – time between overhauls


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