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Fighter jets

Our enterprise offers the following activities for the overhaul of Mig-21, Mig-23, Mig-29, Su-25 and Su-22 fighter jets, as well as the L-39 trainer jets.

  • Complete airframe overhaul and modernization the aircraft
  • Repair of aircraft engines
  • Repair of onboard power units and equipment
  • Complete bodywork, anti-corrosion treatment and painting
  • Extension of TBO and service life (time between overhauls)
  • Test trials of aircraft engines and power units
  • Warranty and post-warranty technical maintenance support

The overhaul of Mig-29 and L-39 is performed in cooperation and with the technical assistance of RSK Mig /Russia/ and Aero Vodochody /Czech Republic/ respectively.

MiG29 L39


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